Since the late 1970s, David Copperfield has been a household name. His TV performances, stage shows and more have entertained hundreds of millions around the world for four decades. Today he continues to perform old favorites and many new illusions for die hard fans and audience members discovering his talents for the first time. Purchasing tickets to the david copperfield vegas performance will enable all audience members to be a part of the excitement created by one of the most famous magicians in the world.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is the host to the performances of the illusionist at their Las Vegas location. The show has been one of the most popular destinations for visitors for over 16 years. Visitors will be able to enjoy a list of stunning visual deceptions. Copperfield has found unique ways to retain his original style of magic while simultaneously incorporating new technology whenever possible. Video and photographs are not allowed during any of his performances. However, this does not mean that smartphones are unwelcome. In fact, surprised audience members often received emails and tweets from the magician during the performance.

Televised performances have included scenes of Copperfield levitating over the Grand Canyon, vanishing a jet, walking through the Great Wall of China and turning the Statue of Liberty invisible. While it is unlikely he will cause the jet or Lady Liberty to appear on stage he often uses randomly chosen audience members to come on stage and makes these strangers disappear before the crowd. The star never hand-selects the volunteers to reduce the suspicion of planted audience members. Instead, balloons are thrown into the darkened theater and catching one means a trip on stage. This gives every audience member has an equal chance to become a part of the show. Amazing appearances and disappearances happen throughout the performance and a long skit regarding an alien even leads to a stunning scene finale where a large spaceship hovers above the audience inside the theater.

Attendees have a variety of ticket prices and options to choose from when they decide to attend the show. The most elite package is the meet and greet experience. These tickets provide purchasers with a front row view of the performance and personal meeting with the magician as well. All ticket holders at the meet and greet take home an autographed headshot and may pose for a picture with the famed illusionist.

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